Why you should consider career in Plumbing

If you are looking to add another feather to your skill bank or wish to learn new skill that is flexible and rewarding at the same time. Then plumbing is one vocational career to consider, below are a fe reasons this career is worth considering:

1.  Job stability. The need for plumbers is kind of like the need for doctors – everyone everywhere will always need them. Being a plumber offers you a certain level of security: a good plumber can always find employment, and the job can’t be outsourced!

2. Job variety. Being a plumber doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing house calls and fixing toilets all day (unless you want to, of course). Plumbers work in all kinds of industries. You could find a job designing plumbing systems for new buildings, deciding how to manage, repair, and expand city/municipal water systems, or developing new plumbing technologies. Where there’s water and people, there’s a need for plumbing. The opportunities are almost endless!

3. Independence. Professional plumbers can always choose to go into business for themselves. Owning your own plumbing business means you can work when you want and where you want, which is great for those who have family obligations or need flexibility in scheduling or location.

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4. Personal benefits. As a plumber, you’ll be working your body and your mind all the time. Analyzing problems, developing solutions, and handling day-to-day business transactions will keep your mind sharp, and the physical requirements of the job can keep your body active and healthy.

career in plumbing
career in plumbing

5. Job satisfaction. Plumbers really do save lives. Without good plumbing systems to deliver clean water and get rid of wastewater, we would all be at risk of catching potentially fatal diseases. Keeping the plumbing systems in our homes and cities in good working order is a worthy task that protects the health of our nation.

6. Social interaction. As a plumber, you won’t be stuck in an office all day. You can be out and about, meeting and interacting with new people all the time. If you’re a friendly person and offer your clients good customer service, you can also generate a significant amount of income through these positive interactions.

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7.Respect. There are plenty of jokes and biases, but thankfully, more and more people are realizing what plumbers do for us, and respect for the trade is growing. Indeed, the entire social landscape regarding skilled trades is shifting. After all, not everyone can be a  plumber – people try to fix extensive problems themselves, make it worse, and then realize that they need you, the professional, to fix things for them.

 8.No more plumbing bills. Once you’ve got the skills, you’ll never need to pay someone else for plumbing repairs! This is probably the least important reason to become a plumber, but hey, if you’re on the tipping point this just might help you make the decision!

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