Training Partnership with UNDP, LSETF and Arcskills

Training partnership with UNDP and LSETF
Training partnership with UNDP and LSETF

As part of our organizational goal to support any project aimed at improving employment in the country, Gabson Professional School of Safety and Engineering partnered the Lagos State Employability Trust Fund(LSETF) Through it’s Technical skills partner – Arcskills to execute the Employability project of 2018  with the support of the United Nations Development Program(UNDP).

Our organization’s contributions during the training program, was focused on the technical skills, soft skills, employability and placement of the students trained in our center in Manual Welding and Mechanical Fabrication.

Lagos State Employability Support Project (LSESP) provides short vocational training programs implemented by LSETF to provide youths in the state with industry relevant skills that could help them gain possible employment and advance in life.

Gabson, LSETF and UNDP
Gabson, Arcskills, LSETF and UNDP Partnership

A letter of project completion and appreciation sent to us by Arcskills in November 2019 reads “Through your support and deep commitment, we enrolled 5,054 youths in the project, and 1,835 have been placed in jobs.  We are hopeful that we would continue to have your support in subsequent projects by the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund and Arcskills.”

Our mission at Gabson Professional School of Safety and Engineering is to bridge the skills gap by delivering technical training services of the highest quality…