Outstanding Facts About Gabson School You May Not Know

Gabson Professional School of Safety & Engineering was established in 2012 as the product of two visionary safety and engineering professionals with over 35 years of combined experience. Having acquired knowledge from industries ranging from manufacturing to Oil & Gas to construction, they discovered a void between what their respective fields required in the form of training and the actual skillsets of the available labour market. This along with a passion to create a workforce that is galvanized with relevant knowledge that will help them succeed in their chosen industry gave birth to… GABSON PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL OF SAFETY & ENGINEERING.

Did you also know that our faculty and staff is dedicated to ensuring that our students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed once in the field? And that our curriculum is based on the latest industry trends and our students get practical experience using state-of-the-art technology?

Post covid Learning
Best vocational school in Lagos

You may not also know that at Gabson Professional School of Safety & Engineering, we understand the modern demands of life and offer a variety of courses with flexible dates to accommodate your busy schedule.

You might also wish to know that we stand firmly by the ideal that the cost of tuition should never be a barrier to receiving first-class education. With that in mind, we offer quality programmes at competitive rates to make education more accessible.

Did you also know that our training and certifications are globally recognised and accredited by relevant bodies? Here are a few accreditation and membership lists:  Nigerian Institute of Welding, International Vocational, Education and Training Association- IVETA, OGTAN- Oil and Gas Trainers Association of Nigeria, Member, CPD UK, British International Safety Organisation- BISO among others. We are also ISO certified.

Welding and Fabrication school in Lagos
Welding and Fabrication school in Lagos

You may not also know that we have two training centres. One in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos and the second centre that caters for students in the south-south region is located in Eket, Akwa Ibom state.


As part of our organizational goal to support any project aimed at improving employment in the country, Gabson Professional School of Safety and Engineering partnered the Lagos State Employability Trust Fund (LSETF) through its Technical skills partner – Arcskills to execute the Employability project of 2018 with the support of the United Nations Development Program(UNDP).

Our organization’s contributions during the training program, was focused on the technical skills, soft skills, employability and placement of the students trained in our centre in Manual Welding and Mechanical Fabrication. About 5,054 youths were enrolled in the project, and 1,835 have been placed in jobs as at 2019, more have secured jobs in oil and gas, construction et al…

 HSE Training school in Lagos
Welding Training school in Lagos

You may not also know that we offer graduates employment assistance, yes we do. We have close working relationships with some industries including but not limited to: Shipyards, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy as well as several oil and gas companies.

Kindly visit our website and courses page to see more.

This is the best time to be MORE, enrol now and chart a new course for your career and start- up plans.

Contact us via info@gabsonschool.com.ng

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