Q: How much is tuition?
A: Tuition fees for our courses vary depending on the type and length of program. Review our website for specific tuition information.


Q: Is instalment payment available?
A: Yes. You can pay in two instalments. Details of


Q: Where are the School branches located?
A: Gabson School has two training centres. One is located in Lagos (KM 19, Agege Motor Road, Ikeja-Along, Lagos State). Another training centre is located in Eket (Etinan Road, Okon Eket, Akwa Ibom State).


Q: What courses do you offer?
A: Our training courses include:
Welding (Pipe, Argon/TIG, Structural/SMAW and Combo Welding ie combination of two welding processes)
Basic Electricity
Forklift and Crane Operations
Structural and Pipe Fitting
HSE Levels 1, 2 & 3; First Aid
Other Safety Courses
Non-Destructive Testing courses

Q: Why do Vocational and Technical Skills Matter?
A: Technical skills are important for a number of reasons. They can help you work more efficiently, boost your confidence and make you a more valuable candidate for employers. There’s no doubt that proficiency of technical skills will make you stand out. These courses provide students with practical, occupation-based qualifications that lead directly to job opportunities in their field of choice.

Q: Is training on Vocational/ Technical skills difficult?
A: As with most things, vocational education takes certain skills and sufficient practice. For those who like hands-on work and prefer more technical fields, this can be a good option. Getting vocational training will help build a foundation that further experience in the field will improve these skills.


Q: What skills are needed to become qualified?
A: Some skills include critical thinking, reading comprehension, operation and control, monitoring/assessing, and orientation to detail. Trainees also need to have good vision, manual dexterity, physical stamina, and physical strength. And of course, the desire and patience needed to learn.


Q: Do I need prior experience?
A: No, our training program was developed to provide a solid foundation and all the necessary skills to have a successful career.


Q: What if I have prior experience on any of these courses?
A: This training program will build on your skill level and provide additional training to ensure your success.


Q: Do you offer job placement?
A: We offer graduates employment assistance. We have close working relationships with some industries including but not limited to: Shipyards, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy as well as several oil and gas companies.

Q: What is a typical day like in School?
A: All training in Gabson School comprises of (20%) theory and (80%) practical aspects of each course and run Monday through Friday. Each day is full-time from 9 am and until 2 pm. A typical day in each program includes safety meetings, classroom training, and practical sessions. Learn like you are going to work!

Q: Are your certificates globally recognised?
A: Yes. Gabson Professional School is an accredited member of several bodies including Nigeria Institute of Welding (affiliated with IIW), OGTAN (Oil and Gas Trainers Association of Nigeria), IVETA, BISO, certified member of CPD UK and several others.