Earn Associates Degree in Construction Engineering from Gabson School

As part of our resolve to deliver quality vocational and technical training to impact industries and bridge the unemployment gap in the country. Gabson Professional School of Safety and Engineering has partnered Turnkey Construction Management Institute, USA to introduce a Construction Engineering Management training program in award of an Associates Degree for interested students.

With this Associates degree, you can work as a Construction Manager, Project Coordinator and even project Manager. In addition, The Construction Engineering Management Certificate has global recognition particularly in the US and Canada.

Students who enroll for this course will have the privilege of having a one on one / dedicated and coaching with the founder of Turnkey Institute once in a month. This is an added advantage as you can ask questions as opposed to just open online training.

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Students have the opportunity to enrol for any technical course offered by Gabson School together with the Construction Engineering Management course. The benefit is that both programs will run concurrently (as the Construction management course is online-based while the welding training requires physical presence) and both will be concluded in a maximum duration of six months. In this way, the trainee is awarded two certificates, one from Gabson Professional School of Safety and Engineering and the other from Turnkey Construction Management Institute, USA. The fees for both courses apply.

In the event that the student enrols for the Construction management course alone, the program is concluded within four months and the student is awarded an Associates degree in Construction management from Turnkey Construction Management Institute USA.

The icing on the cake is that, for the Associates degree in Construction Engineering Management, you will get discounted tuition fee of $495 only and is offered the first 20 students who apply for this course as against the original fees of $995. The tuition fees for all courses offered by Gabson School remain as it were. Online classes is set to commence on 1st August 2020.

For further details on this offer and other courses offered by Gabson School, contact Gabson School on info@gabsonschool.com.ng

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