10 Reasons Why Welding is a Great Career Choice

If you’re interested in welding as a career, you’ve come to the right place. We love welding and know how brilliant a career choice it is, but it’s not for everyone. Let us consider a few reasons why you should consider a career in Welding:

1. It’s easy to get into

Becoming a welder requires no formal education, and sometimes, not even experience. The more you know, the better, but it’s a great trade because you can start from the bottom in a workshop and learn it all on the job.

2. There’s a huge demand for welders

Everywhere in the world needs welders, and most places need more of them than are available. This makes welding a great trade, as you’ll never be out of work opportunities if you have a decent work ethic.

3. It’s easy to climb the ladder

Because there is such demand for welders, it’s easy to advance in the welding industry. With big demand comes more work, and with more work comes more opportunity if you’re career-driven to get a higher position.

4. It pays well

Welding is no get-rich-quick scheme, but if you stick at it for even a short time, you can earn some good coin. Although welding itself pays pretty well, the opportunity for so many different welding positions due to huge demand means options for you to gain more income. The better you get at welding, the more you can earn. The more welders you start managing under you, the more you will earn as well.

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5. You can travel the world as a welder

If you want to experience life in unique cultures while still earning an income, welding is an ideal trade for you. Because welding processes are similar around the world and there is a demand for skilled welders in most countries, it’s easy to get jobs abroad.

6. It’s easy to pick up side work if you need extra income

If you’d prefer to stay locally and want to save up some extra cash, welding’s a great trade for earning some income on the side. From running a part-time welding service, to manufacturing your own products, to contract work on your holidays, there are plenty of options to earn as much as your full-time job and more, just by some side gig work.

7. It’s easy to start your own business

Just as starting part-time work on the side is easy, turning that into a full-time welding business is much easier than starting other types of companies. There is the potential to set up a growing company that provides you with a massive salary while giving other welders working opportunities. Welding is an excellent option if you’re entrepreneurial.

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8. It’s enjoyable work

Aside from the fact that there are many phenomenal opportunities with welding, it’s simply enjoyable. We love welding, and we know most other welders enjoy it too.

The challenge of weaving a weld to create a strong and beautiful-looking section is fulfilling. The satisfaction never seems to get old in transforming a few bits of metal into an incredible project that looks great and is useful for its specific purpose.

9. You learn valuable skills to use outside work

The work within a workshop is very satisfying, and there are plenty of skills you’ll learn on the job that help in everyday life.Obviously, being able to do your own welding at home on private projects or help out friends is great. The mechanical aspect of a welder’s job will also teach you skills useful for working on cars, doing work on your house and property, and benefiting your fishing or hunting pursuits. Whatever else you spend your time doing, the practical skills learned in a workshop make life outside the workshop easier and more fun.

10. There’s plenty of diversity within the industry

The welding industry is so diverse. There are many different metals you can learn to weld, and the types of projects seem to be endless. Some workshops may focus on a narrow range of fabricating, while others do many different kinds. Overall, the range throughout the welding industry is enormous. You only have to work for a few different companies over a lifetime to experience an incredible amount of diversity.

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